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                                  What’ Amp was the Most Sold TUBE Amp in Europe icl USA                   

                                                In 2020 i did some research with incredible News for You 

I tried to find out which was the most sold Tube Amp in the 80" . So i called based on my old Vintage Guitar Magazines like the German Fachblatt and the USA Guitar Player and many more European Music Magazines .......Music Stores that  are still in business today about which Guitar Amp in the 80 " was the most sold Amp .. I called in Germany the great Music Store in Cologne and in Hamburg the Nr 1 Store and Pro Sound icl . some Stores in USA ... Like Chicago Music Exchange and in my home town New York City the legend Mannys Music and so on ...

The major Question was .... what Tube Amp of the fab 5 like  Dumble.. Jim Kelley ..Mesa Boogie and Acoustic are the most Sold in the 80"s

                                     The Answer is now clear .... Nr .One was ????????????

         Since the End of 1979 to 1982 the Most famous and best selling Tube Amp was Acoustic

             Amp Modell ---164- 165  and after that  the Model G 60 T G 100 T icl  the 127 FET Amp   


Ok ..

i must say one of the reasons was for example that ...Jim Kelley built with only a couple People icl his Father in a Garage.  Just 600 Hand made Amps in his entire career.   Dumble was just a Single Amp Nerd and its not known how many Amps he built in the 80"s but it must be the same as Jim Kelley ...... Jim Kelley tried to build a Dealer Network in Europe with a couple Dealers like Jellinghouse Music in Dortmund Germany and Nr 1 in Hamburg . Dumble tried to make a Dealer Ship just with the Roy Brothers (Kitty Hawk Builders) in Germany. Mesa Boogie was in these days a bit more professional and began to build Amps, still handmade in a little factory,  and made a much bigger high end dealership network in USA and Europe.   Acoustic Control Corporation was still high professional in business since the late 60s with a real factory........  not mass production but much more professional than eveybody else . The reason was that Acoustic Control Corporation was the first manufacturer that built PA"s and Power Amps back in the day . Its known that Acoustic Control Corporation was the only one that built Power Amps and PA"s for large venues . Without Acoustic Control Corporation Woodstock wouldn´t have happened because they did the entire sound PA system for Woodstock for free .

 The fact is that Acoustic had the power, money, and technological experience to create a bigger business.


But still any Amp like Jim Kelley Amps & Dumble Overdrive Amps & Boogie Mark 1 and/2 Amps were staying next to any acoustic tube amps like the Model 164 or 165 HW in the Stores . The Amps were in the same price range but most of US chose the acoustic tube amp becuase it sounded great and had more new features like a well working effect loop and a two channel EQ and so on ..  Acoustic Control Corporation built only 2000 handmade Amps of the legendary 164/165HW Amp Worldwide.... still  1000 Amps more than Boogie Jim Kelley and Dumble .. additionally Acoustic Control Corporation put a Lifetime Warranty on their Amps

We all bought back in the day Acoustic Tube Amps because they sounded great and had many Options icl in the price compared to the other Amps . 

                                                                  So here we are in 2021     

                                       And a Dumble Overdrive goes for over 50 K... whats crasy and .........................

 A Boogie Mark  one dropped to 1500-2000 Euro and a Jim Kelley Amp, if you can find one, goes in between 2000 and 3200 Euro and one of the 2000 handmade Acoustic Amps Modell 165 goes around 1000 Euro depending on condition icl original Wood Foot-switch  . The 164 Vinyl Amp goes around 400-600 . That is hard to understand because in the 80´s we all bought this great Amp and they were in the same range as a Jim kelley or a Boogie Mark 1 or a Dumble Overdrive Amp .

The Acoustic G Serie Tube Amps also depend on condition and usually sell for in between 450 and 1000 Euro depend on there Condition . The Kitty Hawk Standard Amp depends on options and condition, if you can find one, the price realistically is max 2000-2200 Euroicl 100 Watt and Reverb option and a Kitty Hawk custom around 2500 and the dam Dumble what not incomprehensible around 30 to 50 K )))))

But still the Acoustic tube amps were the most sold Amps from all fab 5 High End Amps in between 1977-1983


The Hole Point of the Vintage Price Thing whats going on today in 2021 is that most of the Amp"s like Jim kelley and Dumble build much less Amps than Acoustic Controll Coperation so they are quiet a bit rar than Acoustic G Series Tube Amps but what i dont understand is that the Super Acoustic Tube Amp like the Modell 164 or 165 what many super Stars used at this time icl that they are quiet Limited about 2000 handmate Amps each Series are be a little bit lost on time .

   I guess they are still lost in time and Still great super rare      sleepers .So...      With this Web Side i try to get  the Spirit back .

                                    So what you can do is ....Post this Side like

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                                   And thats the Reason why i mean