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                   The Legend ....The all ever mate Amps ?? The Dumble Overdrive Special

Truly this the saddest part of my history about these fab 4 super amps . Did i own a Dumble Overdrive Special Amp  from 1980? .. sadly nope . But the sad sad truth is .. yes i had one, actually this one here in the Pic.  From 1979 to 1982 i mostly bought all of my historic amps at the store called Spieker and Pulch in Germany. And yes,  i bought the amp for the list price 2690 German Mark that was actually 200 Deutsch Mark cheaper than my Jim Kelley Amp lol...and 100 DM more expensive than my Acoustic 165 Amp back in those days.   So thats correct and the stupid thing is that is the only Amp I sold couple Years later in 1988 . The reason why I sold it and to whom i cannot damn remember.   In the 80´s the Dumble Amp did not have the vibe like today . It was just a super amp like an Acoustic 165 or a Jim Kelley Amp or Boogie Mark one or a Kitty Hawk Standard or Custom Amp.   All were in the same price range and the rest is kind of  a sad personal history (((( ....but anyway ..... still happy to own a couple Kitty Hawks )))

I only can and like to write to give you all the rare Info about all of these 4-5 Vintage Amps from the 80´s as long as I own one of them . But anyway there is so much great shit out there about the king of the Tube Amps so just i can give you some rare old test stories out from old magazines from the great 80´s and some great stories . Hope you enjoy!

Basically this amp is the undisputed number one among collectors. On average, the so-called Silverface models from the seventies or the Blackface from the eighties are now available for $ 80,000 and more. Maverick Music in England sold Jackson Brown's former Silverface Dumble for $ 225,000. As with all the amps presented here, it remains questionable whether they will actually be traded at this price. However, what nobody doubts is the fact that a collectible dumble is the king of all guitar amps. Incredibly rare, incredibly sought after and incredibly good. I have rarely had the opportunity to play these amps. In my memory, however, I was deeply impressed by the authority that a Dumble pushes out of the speakers. Above all, these amps sound solid and stable. However, these amp have become unaffordable for most of us. but still thing about how much i or we paid for a Dumble in the 80´s and whats up now with this amp .. but i am happy to own a bit of history with my 5 Kitty Hawk Custom and Standard and one real Dumble Amp put together by Kitty Hawk .. more about this story and amp under KITTY HAWK :::::   

 Great gear and thats how it should look like still today but ... also happy with these great historic guitars


                          Love that . MY Favorite pure Dumble Vidoe from all out there .

A vintage historic Story out from a German Music Magazin from 1979 .Some One Visit Nr.Dumble at Home

                                                                  Coming soon in English translation

                                                Whats the Dumble Sound from my Favorite Y.Tube Channel

                                           A super rare Test Story out from a German Kusic Magazin from 1981


A nother Historic Test Story about the Dumble Overdirve 50 Watt Special Amp from a German MAgazin from 1979