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                     Model ....Keef Riffhard Mica Custom Shop Master Build Serie Nr.1


2020. Another great Guitar Custom Guitar Builder Out of Germany is in Buisness . De Lago Custom Guitar Shop from Wuppertal Germany . From 1936 to 1985 Germany had one of the Worldwide best Guitar Manufacturer Called HOYER GUITARS .-- Then in 1980 some Germans named Roy Brothers started building some legendary Tube Amps based on the Dumble Overdrive called Kitty Hawk Standard and Custom and Junior Mark One Amp .. Then we got the awesome guitar builder Nick Huber with his incredible masterpiece Guitars.  Now Germany had the next Generation of Historic ART. The great awesome Guitar Custom Shop  called De LAGO Guitars Germany.

Its a 3 Man Custom Masterpiece Guitar Shop . They  build Guitars as a Masterbuild by Custom Order in the finest ART of quality and manufacturing by German Masters. The Finest high quality tone wood and best parts and pick ups are used to make your custom order and dream come true . They build guitars like it should be, like back in the day.  No mass production .. Just a single custom order ..   Its a very solid German high quality master guitar  Manufactorer . its a simple process to order your dream guitar or your dream hero guitar . Just tell them your important specs  what you want and they make you a very nice offer to build your custom guitar .  More Information about De Lago Custom Guitars here ...

So basicly my actually third  Order to  DE Lago Custom Guitar Shop was to build me as close as they can get  a 100% Keef Riffhard Mica Custom Guitar . I gave them all the specs that i wanted like a 100 Year old  Solid Piece USA Swamp Ash Body and all the Pics and Information  that i had and found about the original Keef Riffhard Mica Guitar . Most Important  was to give them the authentic latest look of this guitar it was found in the book called Rolling Stones Gear and they did their own research to get me all the original Specs . .

4 Months later i got my first NR.1 Keef Riffhard Guitar and only i can Say ...

it looks like its authentic and it feels vintage and  TRUE in your Hand and most Importantly it sounds authentic and awesome like it should.   Its like you have the sound in your ear of Mr Riffhard playing this Guitar . Its a true masterpiece .. and after a year of research and looking at 1000's of pics it really looks spot on . But on top it sounds like it should. The body wood has such a resonance  you can feel every note when you play unplugged   throughout your body . The Neck feels broken in and absolutly great  in your hand

Me and De Lago Guitars plan to give you the opportunity to order this Custom Guitar too . Its a Special Order by World Wide 10 Masterbuild Guitars . Series Nr 1 owned by Me  so 9 are  left for you out there .

    The Price is not 38 Grand for sure .. more Information Specs and so on under my Shop .. coming soon .

Custom Master Build Time after Order 3-4 Months with a Down Payment 1000 Euro/US Dollar

                    Videos and Sound Samples icl. Shop comming soon ...

                                                 Keith explain his 5 String open G Tuning Techniqe                                                                          

This guitar is a stunning Master piece . it looks verry raight its feels like old used and most important it sound like how it have to sounds like . its sound like for me 100 % Keef riffhard .. 100 Years old Swap Ash one piece high premium Ash boddy with a insane weight of 2.9 KG . Ive you just paly it like without amp its even sounds like the Stones . I never ever have heart such a resonat guitar ever .. when you just hit a String it swings like carsy in the right tone for min. . I own some relay high range guitars from PRS and Fender Custom shop but no guitar sounds like that Guitar in quality and resonant and tone and even the Look come on .....  Its a relay perfect aged Relic Keef guitar .. not cheese . The aging is so well done thats insane . even the missing Dot on the fred board ..... The Complet feeling and look give you the right ffeling to play this guitar every day belive me . only i can say

      THY So much De Lago guitar custom shop icl Reiner and Bruno who build this master peice Guitar . Its the Nr1

Even Some Great Vintage Rare Guitar Store in USA  sell a Prototype of this Guitar in 2020 for 38 Grand make by the great F....... Doese it looks like Autentic ?? ok i give the F some Credit .. but.......its just a Prototype but still it looks like its looks like .in my personal tought.. not realy authentic ... but its just a tought