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               De Lago Custom Guitar"s Germany

                          2020. Another great Guitar Custom Guitar Builder Out of Germany is in Buisness .

De Lago Custom Guitar Shop from Wuppertal Germany . From 1936 to 1985 Germany had one of the Worldwide best Guitar Manufacturer Called HOYER GUITARS . Then in 1980 some Germans named Roy Brothers started building some legendary Tube Amps based on the Dumble Overdrive called Kitty Hawk Standard and Custom and Junior Mark One Amp .. Then we got the awesome guitar builder Nick Huber with his incredible masterpiece Guitars.  

                               Now Germany had the next Generation of Historic ART.              

                         The great awesome Guitar Custom Shop  called De LAGO Guitars Germany.

Its a high end 3 Man Custom Masterpiece Guitar Shop icl the realy cool nice Man calt Thomas Berger and his awesome Team by the great old masterbuilder and Germns best authetic relic master calt ....Reiner and the incerdibel young Masterbuilder

and one of the best Guitar Techs in Germany calt Bruno ....They  build Guitars as a Masterbuild by Custom Order in the finest ART of quality and manufacturing by German Masters. The Finest high quality tone wood and best parts and pick ups are used to make your custom order and dream come true . They build guitars like it should be, like back in the day.  No mass production .. Just a single custom order ..   Its a very solid German high quality master guitar  Manufactorer . its a simple process to order your dream guitar or your dream hero guitar . Just tell them your important specs  what you want and they make you a very nice offer to build your custom guitar .  More Information about De Lago Custom Guitars here .. 

just saying I own a bunch of Fender Custom Shop Guitars to but after a while i am getting over that Mass produce main stream custom Shop stuff becauce first its getting totaly overpriced and for some reason . Every year Fender rebuild there own Stuff again and agin and most time the Relic stuff goes a bit cheese in my opinion .Latley some of them dosend look like relay aged more like a kind of ... and come on you have to pay now for a good custom shop Guitar over 4 to 5 Grand . Thats insane even the intier Custom Shop Master Build Order stuff its for me now way over the Age .. icl how fender running there buisness .. i will show you the intier E Mail Traffic icl everything about my last and relay last Custom Shop Master Build Order what i cancelt . they are great Guitars dont get me wrong but i am over the Main Stream shit.. I am now at this point whan i want a new Guitar i want my Guitar with my Specs in the best quality i can get for a good Price . So after i visit many Guitar Builder around the globe i stuck in germany .. yes germany .. you read it right. The germans can build guitars to and they provet it so many time even to today . Thing about the legend Hoyer Guitars and Nick Huber Guitars ad so on .. my Choice was a tiny 3 Man Custom Shop calt De Lago ... Sound like Bill Gibbons privat USA Mexican Border Custom shop or .. but .. yea i am a German who lifes in USA New York City . why i oder Guitars in germany becauce ... first its not main Stream its High german Quality and anyboddy knows what that means.. the relic Job looks and feels like it should be . Old ---- Best Tone Wood you can get on the Market.. and best hardware what is out there ... but basicly i wnat TONE and the closest real finsih in my order for a realsitc price ... and that not 8 to 10 grand .. its depent what you order inbetween 2,5 to3,5 grand as a Master Build .

A Stunning Master Piece Custom Shop Guitar 100 Year old Sound Wood with Master Piece hand Mate PArts and Handwound Custom Pic Up with actually Horse Shoe Nails Pole Pice . Ist an incredible Sounding  Guitar . its just a Quastion of time when you will see this Guitar in Billy Gibbons Hand tought ))

                      De Lago Custom Guitars Test 2020 from the lgend German Music Magazin Guitar&Bass

                                     De Lago Stunning Custom Shop Master Piece Guitars

A nother Stunning Master Piece Custom Shop Guitar 100 Year old Sound Wood with Master Piece hand mate Parts and Handwound Custom Pic Up . The Gold Top are not CNS Machine Carved its carved by HAND . . Ist an incredible Sounding  and Looking Guitar .Even the Fred Borad are be in Gold icl the Freds . Thats a Real Master Piece unique Guitar .

 Here we have the 3 Master Piece Guitars ordert by ME .The Stunning Keef Riffhard Mica Dave Chillmore Workmate and the only 100 % True Copy of Dave Chillmor"s Black Star Guitar .. more Infos about this Guitars and Videos and so on will follow here soon .. on the Right Pic you see the Master Guitar Builder and Ageing Relic King of Germany .. Named Rainer  ....    


                        Mister Chilmores first mate 99% Copy of his stunning Workmate .. More Infos soon

      Three histroic Master Pieces . Mister Riffhard"s Mica .David Chillmours Black Moon and Chillmours Workhate